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Joseph J. Blata

Attorney at Law

Joe has a unique ability to connect with his clients. Specifically in license restoration cases, he uses his background in psychology to understand his clients’ sobriety journeys and what led them to this point. His approach is rooted in genuine compassion and backed by experience and proven results.

We’re Ready to Fight for Your Future

Dealing with a criminal accusation requires the assistance of a legal team that is prepared to do everything possible to help you clear your name. We are that team. From conducting in-depth investigations to calling relevant witnesses, we stop at nothing to advocate for you. Whether you’re navigating a drug charge, a DUI offense, a driver’s license appeal, or another criminal issue, we will strive to preserve your innocence and protect your future.


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Guiding Your Family Through Its Most Difficult Moments

We’re excellent attorneys. Our results speak to that. But what our results don’t convey is that we truly understand how difficult it can be when the people most important to you are at the center of a legal issue. When clients come to us with cases involving divorce, CPS, or paternity, we provide more than just smart legal guidance—we deliver reassurance and compassion when you need it most. We’ll represent your family as if it were our own.

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Being accused of a crime can negatively impact every aspect of your life. A domestic violence charge, fraud charge, or DUI offense can jeopardize your relationships, your employment opportunities, and your freedom. When your future is on the line, let our attorneys seek justice on your behalf by providing powerful representation.

Our track record of excellence in both criminal and family law is exemplified by the numerous positive testimonials written by our clients. These reviews, coupled with our successful results, prove that at Triton Legal PLC, we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk.

We believe that to be good attorneys, you have to be completely honest. That’s why we tell our clients the truth, even if it’s not what they want to hear. We won’t convince you that you need legal representation for a problem you could fix on your own, and we won’t sugarcoat your situation either. 

You can trust that we truly have your best interests in mind through every step of the legal process. Allow us to lead the way in your family or criminal law case. Whether you’re navigating a divorce or seeking to restore your driving privileges, our team has the extensive experience and in-depth knowledge necessary to represent you in Bay City, Michigan, as well as Midland, Saginaw, and beyond.