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Top 5 Things to Remember when Pulled Over by Police


We all have been pulled over by the police, or will be at some point in our lifetime. Sometimes we get nervous as soon as we see those flashing lights. Our heart rates increase, and our stress levels rise. All of the different scenarios play out in our minds and we can easily lose focus. Here are some things that can help you keep yourself calm and collected when pulled over by the police during a traffic stop.

These are the top 5 things to remember when pulled over:

1.Don’t admit to doing anything wrong.

You have a right to remain silent; use it. Anything that you admit to the police officer can be reason enough to have a citation issued to you.

2.Don’t Argue.

Arguing with the police officer isn’t going to do you any good. Whether you agree with the officer or not with the reason you were pulled over arguing will not get you out of a citation.

3.Get out of the car if asked to do so.

If a police officer feels his safety is in danger, he can ask you to step out of the vehicle. Just comply and follow his instructions.

4.Don’t consent to any searches.

Police need probable cause to search your vehicle. If he is asking permission, they don’t have it. Don’t let them search freely.

5.Call a lawyer.

If you have been charged with a crime due to a traffic stop, or have received a civil infraction, give Triton Legal a call.

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Remember being pulled over by police doesn’t have to be a bad situation. Stay calm and follow these steps to help guide you through the situation.

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