Michigan’s New Drunk Driving Expungement Law

Beginning February 23, 2022, certain drunk driving offenses will be eligible to be expunged from your criminal record in Michigan. Before now, if you had a drunk driving offense on your record, it would remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life, and there was no way to ever have it removed. However, Michigan law has changed to give people with a drunk driving conviction a second chance.

To be eligible to have your drunk driving conviction set aside, you have to meet certain criteria and file a petition in the court that you were convicted in. To be eligible, you have to meet these requirements:

  • You may only have one alcohol-related driving conviction on your record
  • Your conviction must not have involved serious injury or death
  • Your conviction must not have occurred while operating a commercial vehicle
  • At least five years must have passed since you were discharged from probation\
  • You must be able to convince the court that you have been rehabilitated

Setting aside a criminal conviction is a complicated process, but we can help you! At Triton Legal, we are experts in expunging all kinds of criminal convictions, including drunk driving offenses. Call us today to discuss how we can help you move on with your life!

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