Real Estate Law &
Landlord-Tenant Issues

We are Skilled Property Rights Specialists

Real Estate Law, which involves everything from the use of land, boundary issues between lands, the buying and selling of land, and all the related contractual considerations regarding any real estate transaction and issue, is an area of law that is more complicated than people can imagine.

Oftentimes, people believe they can traverse these murky waters without the assistance of an attorney. This can be a costly mistake. With the assistance of a skilled attorney in this area, one can avoid catastrophic expenses and outcomes. Spend hundreds of dollars now, and avoid thousands of dollars in expenses later by contacting one of our skilled Real Estate Law attorneys.

Landlord / Tenant Issues

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the attorneys at Triton Legal PLC have the experience and finesse to handle these often-complicated, contentious, and sometimes emotional situations.

A valuable resource to consider if you are in need of general advice regarding Landlord/Tenant relationships is to visit this link, which lets you view and print a good booklet about Michigan Landlord/Tenant law.

Common landlord and tenant issues we address include:

  • Help evicting tenants.
  • Tenants seeking monetary restitution for damages.
  • Landlords seeking monetary restitution for damages.
  • Help avoiding evictions.


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