Parental Rights

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When Parental Rights are at risk, it’s important to find an attorney who deals with these kinds of cases and is not afraid to fight for you and your family. You’ll find that kind of attorney on our team.

The risks to your family are high when the state questions your parental rights. The state has the ability to order extended monitoring of your home, supervised visitation with your children, mandatory counseling, the removal of the children from the home, and even criminal charges.

Typically, Parental Rights cases begin when Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) or state Child Protective Services (CPS) officials enter your home for a variety of reasons, including allegations of:

  • Unsafe environment
  • Drug use
  • Molestation
  • Any issue affecting children

It is important to act quickly if you are facing an allegation from the state, police or court system. See our section on CPS investigations for more information. And if you find yourself potentially losing your Parental Rights, contact an attorney at Triton Legal PLC immediately.


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