Triton Legal Secures Court of Appeals Win

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On February 5, 2019, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued its decision in Tambs v Jennings. Attorney Brian H. Jean represented the Defendants in both the Trial Court and Appeals Court. The clients had purchased a home out of foreclosure, and upon entering the home, found that the prior owners had abandoned all of their property. The prior owners subsequently … Read More

Triton Legal Secures Dismissal in Resisting/Obstructing Case

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This morning in Saginaw County, Attorney Adam C. Reddick secured a dismissal of all charges in which his client was charged with assaulting, resisting, or obstructing a police officer in violation of MCL 750.81d. On the morning of jury trial, the prosecution attempted to get the client to take a plea offer, offering several different plea bargains. Adam and the … Read More

Triton Legal Helps Woman Resolve Old Probation Violation

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Attorney Brian Jean recently represented a client who found out, much to her surprise, that she had an outstanding warrant from two years ago. Unbeknownst to her, when she was on probation several years ago, the probation agent alleged she violated her terms and issued a warrant. She contacted Triton Legal PLC and Brian Jean was able to negotiate a … Read More

Triton Legal Helps Mother Fend Off Custody Challenge

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Recently, the Custody Attorneys with Triton Legal were able to fend off a challenge from a non-custodial parent to change custody of a child. Triton Legal’s client had been the primary caretaker for most of the child’s life, and was entering Kindergarten. When the noncustodial father learned of the child’s progression, he filed a motion to change custody, primarily to put … Read More

Triton Legal Helps Three Clients Restore Their Driving Privileges

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Today, Attorney Joseph Blata received notice that he was able to regain driving privileges for three different clients. Even though two clients had very complicated histories, he was able to get restricted privileges for both of them from one of the toughest hearing officers in the State of Michigan. His third client was able to get his restrictions removed and … Read More

Triton Legal Settles Auto Injury Case

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Recently, Attorney Brian Jean helped make one of our clients whole again after he got hit by a vehicle while riding a lawn mower.  The client suffered facial lacerations during the accident.  Through negotiations, our team at Triton Legal was able to settle the case for over three-times the original offer by the insurance company.  If you have been injured, … Read More

Triton Legal Helps Father Win Custody

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When a young man moved to Florida, he and the mother, who still lived in Michigan, agreed to split parenting time with each other evenly. However, when their child was ready to start kindergarten, he and the child’s mother were unable to agree whether the child should go to school in Florida or in Michigan. Knowing he faced an uphill … Read More

Triton Legal PLC Goes the Extra Mile for Former Michigan Residents

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Recently, attorneys at Triton Legal represented some clients who had moved out of state when their charges were brought. In many cases, charges are not brought immediately. We were able to resolve their matter without them having to make the long trip back to Michigan. An effective attorney can sometimes arrange this, as well as helping you set up probation … Read More