What’s the Difference Between Legal Custody and Physical Custody?

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What’s the Difference Between Legal Custody and Physical Custody? The issue of child custody can come up in a variety of legal situations.  When there are minor children in a divorce case, the court must determine issues of legal and physical custody of the parties’ children.  Likewise, when parties are not married, one party may choose to file a petition … Read More

Triton Legal Secures Court of Appeals Win

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On February 5, 2019, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued its decision in Tambs v Jennings. Attorney Brian H. Jean represented the Defendants in both the Trial Court and Appeals Court. The clients had purchased a home out of foreclosure, and upon entering the home, found that the prior owners had abandoned all of their property. The prior owners subsequently … Read More

Michigan’s Central Registry for Abuse and Neglect can be Fought.

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Michigan Child Registry

Michigan’s Central Registry is a concerning aspect of CPS investigations, and can prohibit you from being able to volunteer in your child’s school, or work around or with children. Being placed on the Central Registry is done by a CPS worker and their supervisor by tallying up points from a worksheet called a ‘risk assessment.’ This assessment in most regards … Read More

Questions to ask Attorneys Before Hiring One

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questions to ask an attorney

Wonder what questions to ask attorneys before hiring one? Here at Triton Legal PLC in Bay City, Michigan know hiring an attorney can be stressful. So we put together a list of things that you should ask and/or think about when going through this process. How familiar are they with the area of law you would like to hire them … Read More

Top 5 Things To Remember When Pulled Over By Police

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We all have been pulled over by the police, or will be at some point in our lifetime. Sometimes we get nervous as soon as we see those flashing lights. Our heart rates increase, and our stress levels rise. All of the different scenarios play out in our minds and we can easily lose focus. Here are some things that … Read More

Bay City’s Best DUI Lawyers

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DUI Lawyer Bay City

DUI Lawyer Bay City? Look no further. DUI Lawyer Bay City, Michigan…If you have been charged in Bay City Michigan with a DUI, DWI, OUI, or OUIL drunk driving charge you need to immediately seek legal guidance and representation from the talented, dedicated, professional, and experienced criminal defense attorneys at Triton Legal. Some of the penalties that you may face … Read More

Who has the right of way when a traffic light is out?

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Who has the Right of Way When a Traffic Light is Out? What happens in Michigan when a Traffic Light goes out? Who has the Right Of Way? It’s a pretty frequent occurrence for a traffic light to lose power, particularly with our harsh winters, and turbulent storms all year long. As of July 23, 2018, MCL 257.649 requires that … Read More

Iowa lawmakers pass strictest abortion law in the US

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  Iowa lawmakers on Wednesday passed the strictest abortion legislation in the U.S., sending the legislation to Gov. Kim Reynolds’s (R) desk. The legislation, known as the heartbeat bill, aims to block abortions once a heartbeat is detected, which would essentially ban the procedure for most by the sixth week of pregnancy. The legislation has faced fierce opposition, with critics saying the measure would make … Read More

Driver Responsibility Fees Being Eliminated

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car keys

Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation that will eliminate Driver Responsibility Fees in the state. Legislation had been passed that phased out the fees, but this new law now eliminates the fees altogether a year before they were supposed to. That legislation will allow people with outstanding Driver Responsibility Fees to have them waived and be eligible for reinstatement of … Read More