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Iowa Lawmakers Pass Strictest Abortion Law in The US

Iowa lawmakers on Wednesday passed the strictest abortion legislation in the U.S., sending the legislation to Gov. Kim Reynolds’s (R) desk.

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Driver Responsibility Fees Being Eliminated

Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation that will eliminate Driver Responsibility Fees in the state. Legislation had been passed that phased out the fees, but this new law now eliminates the fees altogether a year before they were supposed to.

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MIP’s in Michigan No Longer Crime

A change in the law has now made MIP’s a Civil Infraction.The Statute, MCL 436.1703, provides that persons under 21 would receive a Civil Infraction for a first offense possession of alcohol. In many instances, this will benefit young adults as it will prevent them from having a criminal record which could have a major impact on things like school, and student loans.

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Triton Legal PLC Succeeds at Restoring a Client’s Driver’s License

Have you or someone you know lost their license? Have you or they tried to appeal to the Secretary of State and lost? Did you know you can appeal that decision to a judge who could then grant one a full license? Just today, one of our attorneys successfully appealed the Secretary of State and obtained a restricted license WITHOUT an interlock for his client.

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Call Today to Learn how An LLC Protects Small Businesses

Today, members of our team help set up an LLC for a new, small business. If you are thinking of going into business for yourself, an LLC can create a barrier between your personal assets and your company, and is an absolute necessity if you wish to avoid personal liability if something in your business goes wrong. And the cool thing is, they are very affordable to set up. Give one of our attorneys a call and we will set you up.

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Triton Legal PLC Goes the Extra Mile for Former Michigan Residents

Recently, attorneys at Triton Legal represented some clients who had moved out of state when their charges were brought. In many cases, charges are not brought immediately. We were able to resolve their matter without them having to make the long trip back to Michigan.

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