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This comprehensive manual from the State of Michigan indexes each traffic ticket code, and also shows the various points and other sanctions one may incur when they receive a traffic ticket.

Often, the biggest hassle with receiving a traffic ticket is in the points the Secretary of State assesses for various traffic infractions. For some of the more common traffic citations Michigan drivers face, click here. If you receive a traffic ticket that carries points with it, those points will be on your license for two years from the date you are found responsible for the infraction. However, your insurance company may not only have their own point system (where they will count the points against you for a longer period of time), the points your insurance company may associate to your premiums may be more than what the state officially assesses. It is essentially a convenient way for an insurance company to take money out of your pocket for a longer period of time.

If one receives too many points on their license, has a medical issue the state is aware of, gets into too many accidents, and a variety of other driving related issues, the state may determine that one’s privilege to drive needs to be re-assessed. Some of the issues Michigan drivers have that may require them to undergo a Secretary of State Analyst hearing are listed here. While an attorney is not required for these hearings, we strongly encourage you to hire one, as these hearings can lead to further hearings, taking you further away from restoring your full driving privileges.

How can we help? The team at Triton Legal is very experienced in all facets of helping people with traffic tickets (citations), license revocations and denials, medical suspensions, and any other way the Secretary of State devises to infringe upon or remove your driving privileges.

For example, some counties have traffic school, which usually involves taking an online course in order to received the benefit of reduced or eliminated points related to a traffic ticket. Additionally, you may be eligible through the state of Michigan for similar programming. And if you go through these processes properly and know what you are entitled to, you may use both a local rule and the state eligibility rules to reduce or eliminate points on multiple citations. Hiring the team at Triton Legal is the first step in that process.

It is important to fight ALL of your traffic tickets (citations) no matter if you feel you are “guilty” or not. Most times our team of experienced attorneys at Triton Legal can get you some sort of reduction in fees, points, or both. It simply is not worth it to just pay your traffic tickets without disputing them.

Our team at Triton Legal may also be able to successfully negotiate away points, reduce fines, get your driving privileges re-instated, and help keep those insurance premiums low.

One final note, if you owe driver responsibility fees, the state of Michigan is now eliminating them. Click here to see where you may be eligible to have those fees waived and when you can do so.


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